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Black Press Coffee Shop & Roasting

Case Study


Black Press needed an established brand presence on social media, and an online store to sell their product nationwide to coffee wholesalers and retail customers.


To grow a community of coffee enthusiasts around the inviting culture of Black Press Coffee Shop & Roasting, and expand their presence nationwide through online marketing using their social media, and ecommerce for their coffee production.


About Black Press:

Black Press is a specialty coffee shop and roaster with locations in Hendersonville and Gallatin, TN. They are a locally owned business that roasts and serves their own coffee to the community.

Coffee comes from all over the world, and is the result of the hard work of countless individuals. From the farmers and roasters, to the baristas, coffee creates a worldwide cultural experience. Each bag of our coffee brings people together-whether it's shared with friends or enjoyed solo. Our aim is to bring Sumner County and the rest of the world together, with coffee that can be brewed and shared at home.

What We've Done:

Social Media

We created a consistent post schedule for Black Press, and created custom content for their posts. We captured professional photos and videos of their shops and products, showcasing Black Press in a clean cut and positive way. We produced an educational video series called All Things Coffee, that showcases the knowledge and skill of the Black Press associates. We also established brand guidelines that gave Black Press a consistent image and voice.

New Website

We created an e-commerce website that allowed Black Press to sell coffee beans to their retail and wholesale customers. We also included coffee equipment for sale, various educational resources, email newsletters, and landing pages to online sign-up forms for the Black Press Coffee Cart and employee applications.


All Things Coffee

Reach FB & IG.png

Professional Photos




Social Media:

In the past year (2021-2022), Facebook Reach has increased by 103.7% and Instagram reach has increased by 60.5%. Both Facebook and Instagram platforms acquired over 1,000 followers since we partnered with Black Press.

Other Media:

Black Press appears monthly in the City Lifestyle Magazine of Gallatin, and has also appeared on Music City Must on NewsChannel 5 in Nashville.


Since the launch of their website, Black Press has accumulated over 100 online customers and have over 500 of orders placed through their ecommerce store. Black Press has more than tripled their orders, resulting in over $63,000 in revenue.

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The Results:

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