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Cherokee Boat Club

Case Study


Cherokee Boat Club had another marketing company handling their social media but were having trouble reaching local boating enthusiasts through their online platforms. They needed an effective marketing strategy that would connect them to their target market, thus obtaining more members.


Posting content that showcases Cherokee’s services, products, and business values, and establishing a positive reputation as a business and a brand amongst the boating community, and the local communities surrounding Nashville. We also wanted to build assets for the business, such as photo galleries, video commercials, and testimonials, creating a personal feel, and staying away from a “stock images” look that they had been using before we curated their socials.

Cherokee Head Logo_edited.png
Cherokee Head Logo.png

About Cherokee Boat Club:

Cherokee Boat Club provides a unique and hassle-free boating experience to Gallatin, Lebanon, and Nashville, TN. Because they have over 12 years of experience in the boat club industry, Cherokee Boat Club is the best option for families that are looking for quick and easy access to Old Hickory Lake!

What We've Done:

Social Media

We revamped their social media with professional and high-quality photos of their boat fleet, and action shots of club members enjoying themselves out on the lake. By showcasing actual patrons of the business, we eliminated “stock image” look that their social media pages were giving off. We implemented a consistent posting schedule and maintained their established brand on every post. We also created a highlight video of their newest addition to their boating fleet (see below).



Since taking over Cherokee Boat Club’s Facebook page in March (2022), their reach has increased 94%, and have received over 1,000 page visits. They also received an increase of new followers by 54.1%. As a result, Cherokee Boat Club has received increased traffic to their business and acquired new club members. Word of mouth has increased through utilizing Facebook groups, as interactions for posts on groups is higher (comments, likes, and messages).


Their Instagram reach has increased by 32.2%, and their number of profile visits has increased by 133%. New followers have increased by 75%, growing their potential of acquiring more boat members, and expanding their market.

Check our work: 

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The Results:

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