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James Pevahouse

Case Study


Our objective was to establish a consistent presence for James on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 


About James Pevahouse:

James Pevahouse has been in the Real Estate world for over 10 years. He prides himself on his excellent client services. On a more personal note, James is a husband and a father. He, his wife Kristen, daughter Briar (9), and son Oliver (5) all live north of Nashville in the beautiful White House area. On the weekends you can find James leading worship at his local church and volunteering with various charities, organizations, and community events.


What We've Done:

Social Media

We created a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok page for James, each one with consistent branding. We created custom content for his socials using professional video and photography, capturing James on the job, and showcasing his real estate work. Managing his social media accounts, we curate his content and interact with clients on his behalf. We also produced his new video series, "Real Estate Revealed", which spotlights James and other real estate professionals. We have designed ads for James that are regularly featured in the Good to Be Home magazine.

Agent Profile Video

Real Estate Revealed

Turning Houses Into Homes


The Results:


Facebook Page Reach is 13,076, which is up 38.9% since we started running your socials back in November. Facebook page visits is at 334, which is an increase of 38.6%.


1,434 in page reach since we took over, which is an increase of 1.3k%. And profile visits totals to 245 which is 120.7% higher. Instagram followers has increased by 1.0k%.


Over 800 views and over 40 hours of watch time.

Check our work: 

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
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